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If It Hasn't Happened Yet, You Haven't Done It Yet.

I have always been a person to contemplate motives and actions of others and am very introspective into my own decisions. However, until recently I have not understood why certain people say and do something and others fail to follow through. The simplicity behind the answer is obvious and is not a revelation of any sorts, but there comes a moment in life when you realize how it applies to your own life. I have never met anyone who set a goal, followed a structured plan, took risks, and sacrificed to accomplish it and in the end failed. It comes down to never looking back.

To reach a level of accomplishment that is vastly greater than where you are currently it would be naive to think vast changes would not have to occur. It starts with a vision and a belief, but in order to grow into that new person you need to develop new habits, meet new people, and let things go. This is where I have gone wrong and where I believe most people do as well. The belief or idea is present, but the challenge is not understood. I believe the biggest challenge today is not achievement, but sacrifice and separation. We are all caught up in the lives of others through social media and instant communication and notification that we forget to live our own. “We stress to impress and believe it is success”. That is a clever line I just came up with so I’m going to quote that. I have come to the conclusion that if it hasn’t happened yet, you haven’t done it yet. No time passing or patience will facilitate the great changes that need to occur to achieve your goals. Being patient and being content are different ideas, but most of us interchange them.

Personally, I would become extremely motivated, take risks, and accomplish things I never did, but then would pull back and think if I keep going at this rate I will burn out. Instead of realizing that the way I was living was benefitting me tremendously, I became scared and made a choice based on fear or risk rather than success and reward. I believed I was being patient. I was being content. I felt that I was asking for too much too fast and trying too hard. Even though that mentality brought me the best results I told myself to pull back. Recently I had time to sit back, reflect and determine why my success fluctuates. I went back to my journal to see which days had positive feeling and which had negative ones. The days I read, wrote, followed my daily goal list, and stepped out of my comfort zone I was motivated and confident. The days that I did less and so called “relaxed” I was vague in my descriptions and it almost seemed that the day had no value. It served no purpose. A full day had no purpose. After this analysis, I now understood my problem. I misconstrued doing less for relaxing or rest. There is no such thing as a neutral day. Either it was positive and brought you closer to your goal or it took you farther away. Stagnation is not keeping everything the same when time is a variable.

Time is always ticking away so being stagnant is negative. You are either better or worse. Closer or farther. I worried too much about tomorrow and not enough about today. Today is what matters. Today you have control. Tomorrow is undetermined. There is no tomorrow because by the time it shows up it is today. Complaining, excuses, and justifications to why I am not where I want to be all come back to that point. Today you have control. It is all that matters. From now on that serves as your motto. Whenever you have an excuse just remember…”If it hasn’t happened yet, you haven’t done it yet”.

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