Simplistic, effective, and efficient. Training must be understood in order to maximize results. I teach every client the techniques and reason behind every workout, exercise and decision we make during our time together. This is not to overwhelm, but to inform. At EYEEARNFIT, I promote skill acquisition rather than following instruction. Progressively learning how to train and when to train leads to a habit being formed for my clients. Temporary behavior gives temporary results. Learn fitness, earn fitness, and reach your goals with EYEEARNFIT. 


Fitness beginners to elite athletes all need training. Understanding your goals and having a coach to streamline the process is essential. EYEEARNFIT Personal Training offers more than just a trainer. I dedicate myself to my clients and have 24/7 availability for their questions and concerns. Flexible scheduling, training at the location of your choice, and a comprehensive fitness program gives you the ability to manage your fitness life with your everyday life. Programs incorporate all aspects of fitness: 1) Strength  2) Cardiovascular  3) Core and Stability  4) Mobility  5) Flexibility

This is not typical personal training. This is your fitness and I am your coach. Click below to see which training package is built for you!



Train together and train better. Challenge a friend or gather a group. Add a new dimension to your training or change up any workout with EYEEARNFIT Group Training. Utilize the people around you to energize your workouts and create a team atmosphere to power through your training. With dynamic circuits, high intensity intervals, and partner exercises, you will always be getting the most out of your workout.

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