Example Plan


Fuel Your Body, Fuel Your Life

Nutrition serves as your source of energy. Eating right not only improves your physical performance, but your overall performance throughout the day. Energy levels tend to fluctuate and eventually crash for most people. Solution: EYEEARNFIT Nutrition Planning! A structured layout of ideal foods and meals for your daily schedule. Designed specifically for your fitness goals and overall well-being. Below are the four nutritional outlines:




An athlete cannot be performing optimally without sufficient amount of carbohydrate in their diet. Focus is placed on calorie surplus and finding the perfect balance of carbohydrate to energize and avoid crashes.



Proper nutrition is the foundation of any fitness program. Designed to establish a consistent and simple plan to begin to incorporate the fuel you need to power your workouts and daily activity. 

Fitness  (Muscle Gain)

Gaining muscle is all about eating more. Calorie surplus is vital here. All macronutrients are maximized. Fat, protein, and carbohydrate will all rise to assure muscle gain.


(Fat Burn)

Burning fat is all about eating less. Calorie deficit is vital here. You must find the perfect balance of calories to properly fuel your body, but still burn fat. Carbohydrate will be restricted slightly to accelerate the process. 

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